Make 0,1 Euro More Valuable

For 0,1 Euro get one special!

The Customers who purchase 60/80 Euros (the final amount of the order) or more can buy the specific product marked with “[60+0.1]/[80+0.1]” in the area „Flash Sale“ with 0,1 Euro.**


                                                                  1.The order price for participation must be at least 60/80 euros (the final amount of the order).

                                                                  2.The specific product will be automatically cancelled by the system if the order is under 60/80 Euro.

                                                                  3.The specific product will be changed irregular.

                                                                  4.Limited quantity available.

                                                                  5.Each order can only choose one of several redemption products offered on the website.

                                                                  6.The system will cancel one of them random, when two offers ist chosen at the same time, and we do not promise to keep the highest discount.

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